Studies Daili Defence (Immunity)

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Elderberry extract (supplementation)

Study on colds caused by air travel.

Intercontinental air travel can be stressful, especially for respiratory health. Elderberries have been used since "ancient times," and in some observational and clinical studies, as supportive agents against colds and flu.

During this study, cold attacks, duration of the cold and symptoms were noted in a daily diary of airline travelers.

Travelers who used elderberry from 10 days before travel to an average of 4-5 days after arrival abroad experienced a 2-day shorter duration of colds and also noticed a reduction in cold symptoms.

Study on plus three hundred 50-year-olds who took 300mg of Elderberry Extract daily.

Elderberry extract (supplementation)

Research on Influenza Virus (Panama)

A study from Panama examined the positive effect of the natural substance Elderberry Extract on the Influenza Virus, the time duration of fever, and the flu.

It showed that patients who took Elderberry Extract showed faster improvement in their symptoms.


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Inhibition of Several Strains of Influenza Virus in Vitro and Reduction of Symptoms by an Elderberry Extract {Sambucus nigra L.) during an Outbreak of Influenza B Panama | ZICHRIA ZAKAY-RONES, Ph.D.,^ NOEMl VARSANO, M.Sc.,^ MOSHE ZLOTNIK, M.D.,^ ORLY MANOR, Ph.D.,^ LIORA REGEV,^ MIRIAM SCHLESINGER,^ and MADELEINE MUMCUOGLU, Ph.D.^