A New Ritual of Well-Being

Liquid supplements as a daily ritual.

A new daily ritual, all-in-one

  • Natural & high Quality

    The foundation of ingredients.

  • Made in Belgium

    Officially recognized by the FASFC Belgium

  • Developed by experts

    But most of all: by & for people.

Live the difference


    Move Free, Live Fully

    Let the Daili Movement guide you to freedom in movement.Discover a world where stiffness disappears, flexibility improves and every moment is an opportunity to live life to the fullest.

    Daili Movement

    Embrace Vitality

    Not a daily multivitamin, but a powerful natural defense.Strengthen your resistance and embrace a life full of vitality, quality and well-being.

    Daili Defence

    Sleep Deeply, Dream Big

    Let the soothing power of natural ingredients guide you to a deep and restorative night's sleep.Fast, calm and deep sleep.

    Daili Sleep
Dailipharma Productie Vloeibaar voedingssupplement

Our Mission

Accessibility, quality and effectiveness.

Our mission is simple; to offer high-quality nutritional supplements that are accessible, quality and convenient. All within a ritual of daily wellness.

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Values & norms.

  • Accessible & Honest

    High quality, honest and scientific quality.

  • Quality & Effectiveness

    Always officially notified by the FASFC.

  • Personal Service

    Personal approach and service. That's the best publicity.

  • Ecological Choices

    100% Recyclable


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Dailipharma Ervaring

Very Satisfied
Bought the daili defense & movement. Especially like the taste of the defense and I am satisfied with the ingredients. I started using the defense two weeks ago when I felt a cold coming on and I felt it really helped! No coming through colds.

Laura P.

Good supplements and dosages! Much easier than pills.

Louis l

Flavor Daili Defense.
I tried daili defense and the strawberry flavor is fresh and not too sweet. The vitamin B12 gave me a nice energy kick during the day. I will continue to use the supplements.

Leonie Pircher

At the beginning of December, I was suffering greatly from the winter dip. So I purchased Daili Defense and Daili Sleep to get more energy and get out of bed easier. From the first night, my sleep readings on the Apple Watch were significantly better. After 10 to 14 I really started to feel the difference and was able to get through the day more energized. (Because of the combination Defence + Sleep)Satisfied customer!

S. Vandendriessche

I have been taking Daili Defence since early December and I have noticed that I am spared from winter ailments. Even with taking care of sick grandchildren.I will definitely continue the cure and so get through the winter healthy.

Greet P.

De eerste doos is volledig ingenomen en ik heb minder last van de ontsteking in mijn schouder én kleine wondjes op mijn handen genezen veel sneller.

De shotjes zijn heel gemakkelijk in te nemen en zo gemakkelijk dat ik ze dus ook niet vergeet. Mijn schoonouders, enkele vrienden en wat klanten hebben nu ook besteld en zijn ook heel tevreden!

Ik raad zowel de movement als de defence aan.

Barbara H.

Steeds bereikbaar voor informatie. Snelle service en top producten.


Geeft een goed gevoel weinig og geen pijn meer aan gewrichten.

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