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Studies have always been made by independent parties on the specific ingredients. Sources can be consulted below.

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Afgelopen periode januari-februari 2024 hebben we een blinde-test uitgevoerd via een externe organisatie op de Daili Sleep.

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Valerian extract (supplementation)

Study Valerian for sleep: A systematic review and meta-analysis

There is a lot to know about the plant extract Valerian. Unfortunately, not everything is reliable and relevant. This study was designed for this purpose. People started looking for the most reliable studies on Valerian and its benefits for sleep.
It turned out to be a very big challenge. But overall it was concluded that every study noted a positive effect of Valerian on insomnia.

The ratios >1 show improved sleep due to Valerian.


Research into Safe Sleep Support

Most sleep aids are sedatives and are often associated with addiction and other side effects. L-theanine promotes relaxation without drowsiness.

Unlike conventional sleep aids, L-theanine is not a sedative, but promotes good quality sleep through anxiolysis.

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The influence of tryptophan supplements on sleep quality

A PubMed database search was conducted and a total of 18 articles were collected.

The results of the study suggested that Tryptophan supplementation may shorten the wake time after falling asleep. In addition, the group that received ≥1 gram Tryptophan supplementation had a shorter wake after sleep onset than the group with Trp < 1 g supplementation. However, tryptophan supplementation did not affect other sleep components.

Tryptophan is safe to use for better sleep.

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Valerian for Sleep: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis | Stephen Bent, MDa,b, Amy Padula, MSb, Dan Moore, PhDc, Michael Patterson, MSa, and Wolf Mehling, MDa